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Causes for Mid Back Pain
Pain in the middle region of your back is not only limited to muscular or vertebrae problems. There are many other factors that lead to contribute towards the same. Let’s have a look at some of the prominent causes that can lead to mid back pain.
Muscle Strain: It’s the first and the foremost reason for back pain in majority of people. Medical researches have shown that muscular strain is the major cause of middle back pain among office goers. The back muscles and tendons provide support to the spine and the ribs of your back. They are the muscles that take the stress that may arise from activities like sitting, lifting of heavy objects, running, exercising, etc. Sitting in wrong postures for long periods of time can also cause harm to the muscles. As a result strains or spasms may occur. Wrong exercise or over exercising also leads to spasm. As a result, it cause pain in the spinal muscular region of the back which can travels to the left side of your back and affect that as well.

Slip disc: The vertebrae that protects the spine and support us for balance has cartilaginous discs that provides flexibility and helps in shock-absorption. If any of the discs slips out slightly, they apply pressure on the adjoining bundle of nerves coming down from the brain. It pinches and hurts the result of which is inflammation and pain that slowly spreads towards the left or right side of the back or downwards.

Now let’s have a look at some other causes besides muscles and the spine:

Gastroenteritis: Its not necessary that your muscles can only be the reason for back pain. The gas formed in the stomach exerts pressure in the surrounding areas. Sometimes it moves towards the back region and may cause the pain in the mid back.

Pregnancy: If a woman is pregnant and is suffering from back pain, be sure to consult a doctor  instead of trying self prescribed medicines. Pregnancy causes many metabolic disorders and the pain may be the result of the same.

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