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Cervical Slipped Disc: A Reason For Chronic Lower Back Pain

Most often a chronic lower back pain remains untreated due to lack of proper diagnosis. And in many of such cases, it has been later found that the real cause of trouble was cervical slipped disc that results in constriction of nerve roots going to leg and arms.

Cervical slipped disc develops when the disc bulges out to compress the spinal cord. A circle of connective tissues break down to result in the abnormality. Thus, giving way to lower back pain.

Lower back possess a group of nerve roots that travels to arms and legs. Bulging of disc causes irritation to the root facilitating lower back pain. For any further knowledge on lower back muscle pain, read Get Lower Back Pain Relief After Knowing Cause And Treatment Of Your Lower Back Pain

Cervical slipped disc may also be a result of osteoporosis, arthritis, joint's irritation or congenital abnormalities and viral infections. Pressure increases on lumbar spine when heavy goods are lifted. This heavy lifting may result in cervical slipped disc. It gives way to middle back pain.

Constant back pain exercises could result in back pain remedy and also help curb back neck pain. Cervical slipped disc in extreme cases could be treated only through surgery. Medications for back pain could be sought for relieving back pain for the time being. Other causes of lower back pain must not be confused with cervical slipped disc. Sometimes, mid back pain may also be felt due to slipped cervical disc, it requires maintaining proper posture to keep the pain under control.

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