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What Is Cervical Stenosis?


Cervical stenosis is compression of the spinal cord and nerve roots. Back and neck pain, upper back muscle pain, chronic lower back muscle pain and an electrical sensation that shoots down the back and pain in back of head are common painful sensations in patients with spinal stenosis. However many a times cervical cancer colon pain is sidelined as cervical stenosis. For more information on Cervical cancer, read Know Your Back Pain

Cervical cancer is known to creep in quietly like a cat. Considering this, your doctor treats you for mid back pain as such! Back muscle pain is a common problem, occurring in four out of five adults. While middle back pain is most likely to occur one time in your life, there is a back pain medication which prevents it from getting worse.

A clear cut connection between back pain and back pain lung cancer is difficult to establish, but any perpetual back-pain needs to be viewed suspiciously and detailed investigations must follow. After the first round of back pain therapy, if no improvement is seen, stronger medicines are given followed by injections and stronger pain-killers.

Even when there is no back pain remedy available, one is suggested to undergo surgery. The moment you realize that your back pain is somewhat different from the pain you had in the past, be on the alert and contact your doctor immediately.

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