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Chronic Back Pain Is Cumbersome

The chronic back pain is a very terrible disorder of the spine. Its severity can be related to the fact that it may impede the functioning of the spine and may later on aggravate pain and cause a major sensation of numbness. More so, there is no exact relief of chronic back pain and all one can make use of are pain-killers which can only provide temporary relief. You’ll have to protect yourself only from the ailment by maintaining a good posture and having a high protein diet. But even then you may not be able to protect yourself from the effects of a chronic back pain.


Chronic back pain and causes:

It’s not a child’s play to determine the exact cause of the chronic back pain. However, the most affected region is the lower back pain, as it is this section of the body which bears the brunt of the entire weight load of the body. It is subjected to maximum strain and pressure and you may easily sprain the muscles or the ligaments in the region by any awkward act or posture. However, we can club the major factors of a chronic back pain into the following:


1) Ankylosing Spondylitis: The disease affect the behind of the neck and upper parts of the spine. It kick-starts with pain in the sacroiliac joints. NSAID’S are available for the treatment of spondylitis.

2) Arthritis: It is the swelling up of joints, causing pain in the joints.

3) Rheumatoid Arthritis: It is a major kind of arthritis and causes thickening and swelling up of the joints which may result in the immobility and slowing down of movement. It can be cured by water therapy and physical exercises.

4) Osteoarthritis: It is arthritis caused by the hemorrhage of the joint cartilage after prolonged usage. It may result in unnecessary stiffness and strain in locomotion.

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