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How To Avoid back pain while cycling?

Cycling is one activity that is loved by people of all age groups. It not only is a recreational fun sport but also an effective aid in weight reduction. But, this cardiovascular exercise requires prolonged back flexion that results in muscle pain. Fatigue, strain and pain are the results of cycling, especially for people having inflexible muscles. But, there are a few ways that could help you avoid this problem.

* Choose the right bicycle- There are basically three types of cycles available in the market- racing bikes, hybrid bikes, and the mountain bikes. You must be sure of the purpose for which you are purchasing the bicycle. Also, check for the right size of the bike as per the length of your legs. Before you buy a bicycle, take a test drive. You will get a clear idea about the handle, height, and size of the bike.

* Examine the posture while cycling- When you hold the handlebars, practice to lean forward and keep your back straight. Avoid curved back and make it a habit to keep your back straight. Similarly, you can bend your shoulders forward, but they must not at all be hunched.

* Handlebars should be adjusted properly- If you raise your handlebars slightly while training, you will notice that your back pain reduces dramatically. Extremely low handlebars cause too much flexion on the back and lay stress on the lumbar region, thereby also increasing the chances of sciatica.

* Weight training should be focused on back and your neck-
Lower bodies of the cyclists are developed much more than their neck as well as back. The endurance of the back can be increased by additional strength training or weight training.

* Keep stretching your muscles- Prepare your body and legs for a cycle ride by stretching your muscles. Make some neck as well as back stretches a part of your daily routine. Doing cardio or stretching exercises will loosen up your muscles, thereby making you ready for continuous cycling for hours and that too without back pain.

* Wear Back brace- An elastic back brace can be worn by the cyclists to provide support to the spine. Though, the brace is quite expensive, it doesn't hinder any movement or flexibility.

As the lower back region is primarily responsible for generating power, it is important to consider all the above mentioned points and avoid any damage or pressure on your lower back. Moreover, always maintain a proper posture and do some stretching exercises before cycling.
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