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Is Back Pain Related To Your Genes?

Genes are blue print of your whole body structure. They contain in them all the key information that will decide the formation of your body parts. It is said that there occurs some chemical reactions in the normal functioning of the genes which lead to various diseases. With more and more information coming out about the functioning of the genes, there is a constant debate within all races of scientists regarding the co-relation between your back pain and genes.

Till date, it is perfectly established that some abnormalities related to back are connected to the genes. There are many characteristics of the structural abnormality that occurs in individuals. Of them, scoliosis, also known as curvature of the spine, is the most common one. This is a genetic problem that is more prevalent in females than males. The seriousness of this disease is measured in the degree of curvature of the spine. Scoliosis was a common problem many years ago, but now with the coming up of the new age science, the disorder has been controlled.

Another spine disorder, spondylolisthesis is known to affect as much as five percent of the total population of the world. The irony is that most of the individuals who suffer from this type of back pain or spine disorder do not know that they are afflicted from it. The disease involves the forward displacement of the fifth lumbar vertebra. This happens when continuity in your bones break. The severe form of this disease involves surgery that fuses the distant bones of the spine.

Another genetical disorder related to your back pain and spinal cord is Spina Bifida. The term Spina Bifida means a separated spine or a forked shaped spine. This type of abnormality starts at the time of fetus development in the mother's womb. The activity of genes are such that they prevent the formation of a bony arch over the spinal cord. As a result there is no protection left between the cord and the spine. This amounts to serious abnormality in the infant. Spina Bifida can be surgically corrected. There is another form of this disorder. It is termed as Spina Bifida Occulta. In this disorder there occurs a small separation of the bones. It is less fatal than spina Bifida.

Apart from these there are other abnormalities that may crop up. That is, presence of four lumbar vertebra instead of five. But a point to note here is that this abnormality does not cause any problem. At the time of birth a person may also have a poorly formed vertebrae due to defective genes. The occurrence of this condition is very rare.

Remember the above mentioned conditions usually come up unnoticed. If not in the childhood, these disorders can come up in the later years. Though rare, these disorders can come up as a shock to you any time.

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