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Mid Back Pain
Aging brings along with it a number of complications like blood pressure, osteoporosis, weak eye sight, back pain etc. But when some of the problems of old age starts at the age of 35-40, it becomes a matter of concern and when a countable percentage of the nation's middle age citizens suffer from a common malady it becomes alarming for the state and medical science also.

Mid back pain has become a kind of night mare for most of the employees in USA at this moment. A recent survey has shown that back pain either lower or middle and neck pain have become the top occupational hazards. The cause behind is a very simple thing. Wrong postures of sitting for long periods. The muscles or the ligaments of the spinal joints suffer stress and strains or spasms do take place. The pain at the onset starts with a low pace and usually no one takes it seriously. After a period of two three weeks it erupts like a bullet fired. Hence, the working class people who sit long hours in the office and maintain a poor life style without any exercises suffer from back pain.

The mid back pain occurs exactly in the area your ribs are adjoined to the spinal cord. The pain if left untreated for months turn into a chronic state. Slowly the patient suffers from adjacent side like left or right back pain. It may also move upwards to the shoulders or neck.
What should be done in mid back pain?

Consulting a physiotherapist or doctor can be your option or else you can try some simple home remedies also. The best home remedy for mid back pain is rest. Lie down straight and put pillows or other soft objects below your head and knees. This keeps away the pressure from the back. Even doctors along with medications will ask you to do so. Massage with oils and hot water treatments can be applied to reduce the muscle spasms and deflate the swellings.

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