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Renal Artery Stenosis – Causes & Treatment Options
Renal artery stenosis is a condition where there is a blockage in the arteries which supply blood to the kidneys. This happens because of scar formation to the walls of the artery, fibromuscular dysplasia and atherosclerosis. Renal artery stenosis is also caused by atheroembolic renal disease. Fibromuscular Dysplasia is a condition more common in younger women. In this condition fibrous tissue results in the narrowing of the renal artery wall. Scarring in the renal artery can also take place on account of injury to the kidneys.
Renal artery stenosis is a condition which has no obvious symptoms. As a result it is very difficult to diagnose. So doctors suggest that people who have unexplained high blood pressure are susceptible and need to be diagnosed for the existence of this condition. If high blood pressure does not subside with general medications, chances are that renal artery stenosis may be the reason for such hypertension. A battery of tests is required to establish the existence of such a condition.  An X ray, CT scan .or MRI scan of the kidney may be required. Another specialized test called the renal arteriography may be required to determine the presence and extent of this condition.

Regarding the options available, one should always consult a doctor who will be able to determine the extent and severity of the problem and advice suitable medication. In many cases the defective kidney is removed and the patient has to live with just one kidney. Surgery correction of the condition is another possible treatment. Balloon angioplasty or Stent replacements are examples of other better treatment options available nowadays. Smoking is a factor which is known to cause this condition and giving up smoking can help to prevent it.
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