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Sudden Jerks Cause Back Pain

Having realized that back pain is a problem that can easily be avoided provided you adopt a lifestyle that prevents back pain, it is time to examine other ways of preventing this disorder. Since it is established beyond doubt that back pain results form jerky movements and the careless and occasional lifting of heavy items of furniture, it can be avoided by not lifting such loads. But such a tall order is easier passed than followed.

There are bound to be occasions when you have to lift heavy bits of furniture and other items. So, how do you take cover under the excuse of back pain and shun this task altogether? A sure-shot answer is a definite ‘No”.

To prevent hurting the back and causing back pain, you should bend over the furniture being lifted and use your knees rather than your lower back to lift heavy things. Another alternative is to put a heavy padding under heavy items of furniture and then push the furniture from one place to another. In that way the back is left perfectly safe and there is no question of back pain resulting from furniture lifting. A note of caution is sounded when you are tempted to pull the item of furniture half way through the pushing process. This is a danger sign and can immediately lead to the onset of back pain. Thus pulling at heavy objects at once is equally detrimental to the back and can result in back pain.

Sometimes back pain can result from other causes. You might not be standing near a furniture item- forget the lifting part, but still you could be a victim of back pain.To prevent such occurrences of back pain, you must always be on an alert when in the driver’s seat on a long journey in the car. Sitting in the same position in a car, truck or even at an office desk can cause back pain and the way out is to take short breaks continuously throughout the working day, to prevent back pain setting in.


Even when sitting on a chair, care must be taken to choose the right kind of chair to prevent the onset of back pain. In fact, the designing and crafting of suitable office chairs has become a science and has given rise to a large body of research on that front. But without going into so much detail, as an everyday precaution, it is best to inculcate the habit if sitting up on a chair and not slouching on it. Thus the use of a high back chair gives the lower back the right kind of support and prevents the onset of back pain despite being in a chair for long hours.

 When relaxing in a chair after a hard day’s work it is best to prop up your feet on a low stool. This will give tremendous relief to your back and prevent aches and pains in the back from occurring.

In case, you turn your posture and reach out for something while in this relaxed position, turn the whole body and not just from the waist. For, a partial turn of from the waist can result in a twist and may lead to back pain in the bargain.

Even when in a standing position you must be conscious of the need to prevent back pain from occurring. This can be done by standing erect and not slouching or bending the shoulders. If you keep standing for a long time, as when doing a task in a standing position, then it is wise to rest your foot occasionally and alternatively on a low stool to give relief to the muscles and alleviate the danger of back pain.hen you have a little time to spare, the best thing to do is to lie on the floor and gently stretch your back muscles and lift the legs up to the level of the knee. This will give immediate relief to the leg and keep the back from developing any symptoms of back pain.

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