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What Causes Upper Back Pain?
Upper back pain is something a number of people around the world suffer from. Almost every one of us is susceptible to it. It is, therefore, important for all of us to know what causes it.

Besides accidental injury, a displacement of upper disc has been found to be among the leading causes of upper back pain. The parts of the body that are more frequently in motion are more susceptible to injuries, and since the upper back is quite stable in this regard, so the upper back is not easily hurt during lifting heavy objects.  However, such condition as spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease and herniated disc can indeed cause upper back pain. But it is not very common.

What has emerged as one of the most common causes is rather simple- wrong posture. That may sound quite an unlikely cause at first, but sitting for long hours in wrong posture can have disastrous affect on your back. And upper back is what a poor posture affects the worst.

Another cause can be a lack of strength in the upper back region. If the muscles of one’s upper back are not strong enough the chances of injury increases. Simple everyday tasks might injure one’s back, without one even coming to know of it. So, if you think you have a weak upper back, start strength building exercises for upper back.

Repetitive motion has also been found to be injurious for the upper back. For instance, if you work on a particular machine in a particular posture and the repetitive movements on the machine involve your upper back, the chances of your suffering from upper back pain are heightened.

The best cure for upper back pain in such situations is building the strength of your upper back. Weight training exercises, coupled with stretching exercises and yoga are found to be very effective in this regard.

Go about exercising systematically and under informed guidance so that you do not injure yourself in an attempt to make yourself stronger. It is important for you to understand that painkillers are not the way to go. You need to remove the very roots of your back pain. Medication, therefore, should be your last option and not the first one. Correct posture and regular physical exercise is the most effective answer to upper back pain.

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