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Diagnosis Of Back Pain Due To Kidney Problems

Many people know the various causes affecting back pain like injury to soft tissues, tumors, osteoporosis, and alike but they don't know about kidney problem being a cause of low back pain. Many kidney problems cause pain in the lower back area. Pain originating from a kidney infection is in the area of the back where the kidneys lie, located to the sides of the spine just above the hips. Pain due to kidney gives rise to tenderness in this area.

Kidney infection pain basically comes from the organ itself but often appears as back pain. Kidney infection pain goes away with the healing of the infection, or passing of a kidney stone.

Pain from kidney infection is different from the pain caused due to an injury. Back pain can also be caused by kidney stones. This pain is also accompanied with passing out of blood in the urine. It is essential to determine the location, size and type of kidney stone for its proper treatment. Therefore, your doctor starts the diagnosis of back pain due to kidney stone or kidney related problems by asking questions about your medical and family history and performing a physical examination. Analysis of your urine and blood also determine any possible infection or stone forming substances.

Your doctor may perform an X-ray or ultrasound study to determine the location and size of the stone. Many patients are diagnosed through intravenous pyelogram, or by conducting X-ray of their kidneys. In intravenous pyelogram, a special dye is injected in to the veins which is collected in the urinary system. There it produces a white contrast when an X-ray is taken. This dye allows the doctor to precisely locate the stone and determine the condition of the kidneys, ureters and bladders.

So, this is how the correct diagnosis of back pain due to kidney problem is done. In fact for knowing the reason behind back pain you have to diagnose the problem related to kidney causing pain to the lower back.

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