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Living With Back Pain
Before You Get A Back Massage
Back ache is a common problem and a serious one for some. There are various treatments that cater to backaches; massage therapy is one of them.
Cool Off Back Pain With Aquatic Therapy
There are several water exercises also known as aquatic therapy that can help you get rid of the pain effectively. Know about them.
How To Treat Sciatica?
Sometimes back pain may not just be confined to your back. It may extend across your hip and reach the thighs too. Such pain is termed as sciatica.
Use Homeopathic Medication For Back Pain
If you are nursing a back pain, then you have several treatment options at your aid. For those who want to treat back pain in a safe manner, homeopathy is the best option.
The Right Way to Treat Endometriosis Back Pain
Back pain that stems as a result of endometriosis is a serious condition to deal with. But nevertheless, there are various treatment options that can help you combat the problem.
Back Pain In Children- Causes and Treatment
As people age or tend to overwork, they are occasionally heard complaining about back pain. However you would sometimes come across cases of back pain in children.
Right Lifting And Bending Techniques For Back Pain
While the right lifting and bending can help alleviate the pain, the wrong techniques can aggravate your pain further. Here are some do's and don'ts that you need to follow to ensure that you are lifting and bending right to prevent your back pain from aggravating further.
Don't Let Back Pain Affect Your Sex Life
Constant back pain can prove to be an obstacle in your sex life. But you need not let back pain become a hindrance in your way of making love.
Guidelines To Protect Your Back From Backaches
It is extremely important that you protect yourself from back pain so that you can work for long hours without much fatigue. Here are some guidelines to protect your back.
Which is The Right Office Chair For Back Pain Relief
If you spend a lot of time in office sitting at you desk, chances are strong that back pain might become your all time companion. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right office chair.
Pay Attention to Chronic Back Pain
Chronic back pain is the most serious problem after headache amongst people all over the world. According to a survey, 60 percent of US population is facing this problem. Americans spend no less than $40 billion every year on treatments for chronic back pain.
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