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Back Pain Cure Lies In Self Correction
One of the commonest modern ailments is back pain. A larger population around the globe is suffering from it and it has assumed epidemic proportions due to the sheer number of people affected by it. However, it is not exactly a disease in the sense that it is not caused by bacteria or viruses. It is much like a self-inflicted wound. Nobody is responsible for it except us because it is more of a lifestyle problem than anything else. Back pain is mostly caused either because of our carelessness while lifting heavy objects or due to wrong postures.

A typical day in one’s life begins by getting up, brushing one’s teeth, taking a quick bath, reading newspaper, grabbing a quick bite for breakfast and heading off to office. The day is spent in front of the computer screen as we read and type away. We keep the same posture for hours, and then arrives the lunch hour. And it is then that we get up to move for a very short while because we need to get back to our desk as soon as possible to finish the work before the evening approaches. Rest of day is spent the same way- sitting, reading and typing.

And then it is time to go home. At home, it is a small snack, a cup of coffee and television until it is time for dinner, after which we hit the sack. When we wake up, we need to hurry to get to office. That’s how our days are spent, in luxury of work and without any physical exercise. And the time comes when our backs call for attention on account of years of neglect and years of wrong posture and sedentary life.

Since it is our lifestyle and carelessness that is responsible for back pain, the remedy lies in self-correction. While in the office, it would help a great deal if you could take short walks inside the office itself. That should not take too much time off work. During lunch, enjoy lunch and after lunch take a short walk. It would be relaxing and rejuvenating.

Incorporate 15 minutes of exercise in your morning even if it takes waking up 20 minutes earlier. It would certainly be worth the effort. When you come back home, try lending a hand to your wife or playing with the kids, and, if possible, do both. It would be very relaxing and would also keep your household happy and pleased besides keeping your back in excellent working order.

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