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Guidelines To Protect Your Back From Backaches
Back pain can be one of the most annoying ailments that your body may suffer from. It will restrict your working ability by a severe extent. It is extremely important that you protect yourself from back pain so that you can work for long hours without much fatigue. Here are some guidelines to protect your back.

While in Bed
Whereas it might seem the most odd place for a back pain to crop up, it is important that you protect your back while in bed. You must make sure that your bed is back friendly. Excessively hard and excessively soft beds are both causes of back pain. You have to find a bed that is just the perfect in terms of both- tension and size, to protect your back. Proper mattress is also extremely important. Not all the people would be able to handle the common coir mattress. If you are one of them, you should choose a mattress with fiberfill.

While in Car
While you are driving, your back has to undergo a lot of stress. The bumps and fast braking are both big enemies of your back while on the road. For people who drive a lot, it is strongly advised that they should get a Shiatsu massaging seat. Such seats are easily available, starting from just $100. Such a seat would gently massage your back while driving. It is also important that you maintain proper seat position. Make sure that your position in car is not too rigid nor are you so stretched that someone may mistake you for lying down. It is also important that you get in and out of the car in the correct manner. This involves gently easing in and out of the cabin.

While at Work
This is the most common source of back pain. You should be very careful about the posture you sit in. For the people who have a desk job, getting an ergonomically designed chair is all the more important. Even if you are not able to procure an ergonomically designed chair, it is important to ensure that you sit upright, rest your back after some hours and take short walks after every two hours or so. If your work involves lifting things and moving them around, make sure that you do so in the correct way. The correct way is not to bend on your back to lift things but to bend on your knees so that your back remains perpendicular to the ground.

All in all, back pain can be easily prevented if you follow these guidelines and make sure that you get in touch with a doctor if you feel the slightest of backache.

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