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Tips For Prevention Of Back Pain

There are certain measures which you can undertake to reduce the risk of backache. This is possible by improving your physical conditions and practicing proper body mechanics. The body mechanics enable you to strengthen the back and abdominal muscles. People with back injury can prevent further damage with the help of various physical exercises. Some of the essential measures to reduce back pain are:

Exercise: You should undertake aerobic exercises that do not strain the back such as swimming, walking or jogging.

Flexibility and strengthening of muscles:
Performing abdominal and back muscle exercises strengthens the muscles and exercises like stretching, yoga, tai chi increase flexibility in the hips and upper legs which results in proper pelvic bone alignment.

Quit smoking:
Smoking results in diminished oxygen levels in the spinal cord thereby affecting the healing process in case back muscles get strained or injured.

healthy weight:
Overweight puts your back muscles under strain which increases the back pain.

Certain measures: like using seatbelt and avoiding diving in to shallow water can help in reducing the risk of back pain.

Overweight puts your back muscles under strain which increases the back pain.

Intake of nutritious diet: Your diet should have all necessary nutrients including vitamin D, magnesium and calcium which reduce the risk of osteoporotic fractures and help to stave off

So these are some of the measures to be undertaken to avoid the risk of back pain or to stop it from causing further damage. You can also avoid back pain by employing proper body mechanics. Some of them are:

You should stand smartly maintaining a neutral pelvic position. People standing for longer periods should alternate placing each foot on a footstool as it results in taking some of the pressure off of the back.

You should sit smartly by choosing a seat with good lower back support, arm rest and a swivel base. Place a small pillow behind your back to maintain its normal curve.

Always try to keep your knees and hips level.

Lift smartly by lifting from the knees and not from the back. Keep your back straight while lifting heavy objects. Avoid twisting the back while lifting.

Always take the help of a partner when the object is heavy or awkward.

Sleep smartly by sleeping on a medium-firm mattress. Pillows are also helpful if they do not force your neck up at a severe angle.

All these simple body mechanics help a lot in reducing your back pain. Patients with back pain should undertake various back pain exercises under the supervision of their physician or a personal trainer to ensure a proper and effective workout program.

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