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Radiculopathy: A Quick Overview
There can be many reasons for that pain in your back. All you need to do is to get it diagnosed and get a good treatment done. And if you are diagnosed with the problem of Radiculopathy, then you need an immediate medical attention. Because if not taken care of at the initial stages, your back pain can aggravate, putting you in grave problems.

Radiculopathy is a condition, which is a result of the pressure that is being originated from the herniated disk. There can be another reason to it. The pressure exerted by the degenerative changes in the spine can also lead to back pain. These changes lead to inflammation and irritation in the roots of the nerves. This disorder is accompanied with a specific pattern of pain, which is very intense. You can also feel numbness and weakness in the muscles of your arms and legs.

The nerves that are usually affected by this disorder are the sensory nerve. Those muscles that have a direct contact with the affected sensory nerve roots tend to get weak. Besides this, the number of roots that get affected by this disorder also varies. In some cases the affected nerve cells can be few, while in other cases, the disorder can affect both sides of the body.

There are two forms of Radiculopathy. One is Lumbar Radiculopathy and the other is Cervical Radiculopathy. If you are suffering from lumbar radiculopathy, the most common symptoms observed will be of sciatica. In case of cervical radiculopathy, the pain will be intense, which will radiate from your neck to your arms. Treatment to both the forms of radiculopathy is available and effective.

For treating cervical radiculopathy, a combination of drugs that contain cortisteroids, which are a category of powerful anti-inflammatory drugs and the non-steroidal pain-killers is administered to the patient. There are two ways of doing this. One is through an oral intake of the drug and the other is with the help of epidural injections. However, prescription of the drug through the means of an injection is an effective way as the drug is administered directly to the affected area. Besides this, you can also inculcate the use of various physical therapies to relieve yourself from the pain caused by radiculpathy. The activities that generally form a part of a physical therapy session for radiculopathy are gentle cervical traction coupled with various exercises. All these exercises work in the direction of reducing your back pain and giving you instant relief. In the severest and rarest-of the-rare cases, you might need a surgery to get rid of the pain.

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