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Right Lifting And Bending Techniques For Back Pain

Lifting and bending are directly linked to back pain. While the right lifting and bending can help alleviate the pain, the wrong techniques can aggravate your pain further. So, if you are suffering from back pain, it becomes important for you to know about the right lifting and bending techniques. Here are some do's and don'ts that you need to follow to ensure that you are lifting and bending right to prevent your back pain from aggravating further.


* Use the right muscles when lifting objects. Ideally, you should use only your legs and buttock muscles when lifting any object.
* Make sure that you bend your knees when lifting any heavy object. This ensures that your spine has a proper position and helps avoid back pain.
* Keep your trunk vertical whenever you bend. If you keep your trunk in a horizontal position, it could add to pressure on the spine.
* Take frequent breaks when lifting objects. This will help reduce any kind of fatigue and weakness in the muscles and avoid back pain. Besides, taking breaks rejuvenates your muscles, which is good for your back.
* Make sure that you are always lifting things with both your hands. This helps divide the pressure and avoids any kind of strain on the back. Lifting things with one hand will only strain your back.
* It is important that you lift only those objects that your body weight can support. If you are lifting extremely heavy objects, then you are bound to deal with back pain.


* Don't lift an object that is too far from the body. Firstly, move closer to the object and then lift it. Make sure that the object is no far than 8 inches from the center of weight of your body.
* Don't lift items higher than the chest level. Lifting items any higher will strain your spine immensely and cause pain.
* Don't twist when you are lifting an object. Try your level best to keep your body and spine straight as you lift any object. Standing straight and not twisting offers your back additional support.
* Don't lift things with your feet too close together. Your feet should always be shoulder width apart as this helps divide the weight appropriately.
* Don't tense your neck while trying to lift anything. This will tense your neck muscles, which are directly linked to your back. Keep your neck as easy and relaxed as possible.

Keep these simple do's and don'ts in mind and you will not experience back pain when you lift things or bend.
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