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Back Pain And Exercise


Most of the adults have suffered from back and leg pain at some point of life. Low back pains are caused by muscular strain leading to lower back pain and leg numbing. Because muscles have a good blood supply to bring necessary nutriments and proteins for healing, back pain heals within two to three weeks.

 However, if a person suffers from back pain for more than two months, the causes of lower back pain is often likely to be more serious. In young adults, a slipped disc is likely to be the pain generator. Other causes of back muscle pain are lumbar disc herniation, degenerative disc disease and isthmic spondylolstesis. The cause of back pain in older people is facet joint osteoporosis/ degenerative spondylolstesis. For further details read Try Home Remedies And Do Away With Back Pain

If low back pain becomes more frequent, physical therapy for low back pain treatment has to be taken into consideration. In general, the goal of physical therapy is to decrease back pain, increase function, and provide education on a maintenance program to prevent further recurrences. Back pain and exercise may start with focus on decreasing the pain. These can include heat/ ice packs and Iontophoresis which delivers steroids through the skin with an electrical current and ultrasound.

You can talk to your physician and physical therapist about back pain remedy. In addition to it, back pain and exercise as physical therapy are necessary to rehabilitate the spine. This can include stretching, strengthening/ pain relief exercises, and low-impact aerobic conditioning.

Active exercises on a regular basis provide people with means to help avoid recurrences of chronic lower back pain and help them reduce the severity and duration of future episodes of pain. Stretching is the first part of any exercise. Almost everyone can benefit from stretching the soft tissues- muscles, ligaments and tendons- around the spine. Relief from back and neck pain can be achieved with exercises.

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