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Back Pain and Your Mattress- How Mattress Can Cause Or Help Heal Back Pain
When it comes to sleeping, good mattresses are important. A good mattress would give ample support to your back. Too hard or too soft mattresses can ruin the posture of our back and can cause or aggravate back pain.

Mattresses as the cause of back pain
Generally, the fact that we spend close to one-third of our life in the bed is ignored. What is also ignored is that it is highly important to remain in the correct posture while we are sleeping in our bed. The situation aggravates when one sleeps on a too soft or too hard mattress. Such a mattress does not provide proper support to the back. When this is ignored for an excessively long period of time, it becomes the cause of back pain.

What to Do To Avoid Such a Situation?
The cost should not be your priority at the time of buying a mattress. Instead, you should buy a mattress according to the comfort level that it provides to your body. You can check this out right at the store. Do a lie-down test on the chosen mattress and evaluate it for its strength and support provided to your body. Also, take notice of the following things while buying a mattress:

* Ideally, you should buy a mattress that has medium-firm strength.
* Also, check whether there is any extra support system provided.
* Do a wine glass test. It can be done in the following way:

1. Place a glass of wine/water on the periphery of the mattress.
2. Stand on the mattress in a place not too far and not too close to the glass.
3. Jump up and down once. If the mattress absorbs the waves created by your jumping (highlighted by the fact that the contents of the glass do not spill), it is a perfectly good mattress to buy.

Such mattresses were originally developed as a part of NASA program to provide cushion for astronauts during their space flight. Then somebody realized that these would be perfect for civilian consumption as well. Hence, they were introduced into the market in the shape of bed mattresses of different size. However, such advanced technology would come at a slightly higher price. On the other hand, you would get the best quality mattress.

Mattresses to reduce back pain
The market is also full of mattresses which claim to provide relief from back pain. Well, you can buy them if you are sure that your back pain does not have any other cause except wrong posturing/insufficient support at the time of lying in the bed. If the cause of back pain is something else then they would be a sheer waste of money.
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