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Herniated Disc Treatment

The bones that form the spine in the back are called the vertebrae. They are cushioned by discs which are flat and round and have a jelly-like material known as the nucleolus .They act as shock absorbers for the bones. The outer layer of the vertebrae is called annulus. Due to daily wear and tear of the body, the nucleolus of the disc is pushed out of the annulus.


Herniation of the disc is also referred to as slipping or rupture of the discs. Due to degeneration of the discs, the space in the spinal canal gets narrowed and extra pressure is created on the spinal cord which ultimately causes pain. Herniated discs can be either in the lumbar or cervical spine.


Herniated disc treatment depends on the severity of the nerve condition. Usually a doctor takes a very gradual approach and suggests for some rest and avoiding activities that trigger the pain. But you should remember that prolonged rest can sometimes deteriorate your condition.


Non-steroidal, anti inflammatory drugs are very effective in the sense that can cure your pain instantly. Oral steroid medications are more potent to reduce inflammation but they do have a lot of side effects and also do not mitigate the pain.


Some doctors even prescribe to use narcotic medications in the early stages but you should be aware of the possible complications of these types of medicines. Physical therapy is another preferred herniated disc treatment. But you should be careful not to jerk or twist anything .You can also take the help of a good physical trainer. Yoga and aerobics have proved to yield good results in many cases.


Surgery is the last and perhaps the best option to treat herniated disc. Surgery is done only when all the above methods fail and only in the severest cases. Surgery aims at removal of the herniated disc and completely which diminishes the pain.

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