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Causes And Symptoms-Lower Back Pain

Low back pain is common among people world over. Still the research on the exact causes and symptoms of lower back pain is something that is not settled upon. Different people report different symptoms. This is because symptoms depend largely on the underlying cause behind the back ache. And the causes vary according to the age, health, sex and condition of the person.


A study conducted in the US found almost 8-10 common causes and symptoms of the lower back pain. Some of the people in the study showed common symptoms, but the rest exhibited all different symptoms.


The most prominent causes and symptoms of lower back pain are: 


Old Age

This is the most common cause of lower back pain in Americans. People who have crossed the age bar of 50 years usually complain of back pain due to the degeneration of their bones. The symptoms are pain in the lower back and difficulty in walking, moving, or lifting. Medications will include some analgesic pills and exercises.



Sciatica nerve when protruded by herniated disc or decompression of the lumbar spine joints can cause the pain. The symptoms include back pain, buttock pain, leg pain, numbness of leg and ankle swelling. Doctors prescribe medicines as per the severity and exercises. In severe cases surgery is required.


Herniated Disc

Injury or accidents slip out the disc of the vertebra joints. They pressurize the nerve roots of the spine causing pain, bowel irregularity and urinary problems. Rest and exercises are recommended for quick recovery.


Kidney Stones

Sometimes stones in the kidney can also trigger the lower back pain. The symptoms include sharp pinching pain in the lower back. Medicines to grind the stones are prescribed, and if they fail a surgery is carried out to remove the stones.


The diagnosis for low back pain is a step-wise method which is to get the causes confirmed. Only after the exact cause is determined, the medication begins. So, it is advisable to visit a doctor before taking the back pain medication. You need to visit the doctor to confirm the real cause behind your pain. Also, report the symptoms correctly to help him examine your case.

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