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Constipation And Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be triggered by a number of factors. A disorder in the spine is not the only cause of lower back pain. Pregnant women feel lower back pain as one of the many non permanent complications of pregnancy. Gastroenteritis can cause some discomfort to your lower back. Even constipation could be a cause of lower back pain in you!

Constipation can be defined as irregular bowel movements or infrequent excretion of the fecal matters from the body. The undigested food particles of the intestine get collected in the colon from where it is removed through the anus. The irregular bowel movement can cause the stool to accumulate in the colon. The increasing volume of the colon will exert pressure on the adjoining parts of the body. In this exertion, the lumbar spine is also pressurized.

The colon is located somewhat near the lower area of spine. The extension of it can exert pressure on the spine and the muscles attached to it thus result in pain and discomfort. Sometimes the pain is too severe for the patient to bear.

Constipation most often occurs due to lack of water intake in the body. When the stool is in the large intestine, water is retained in our body as a result of deficiency of external water supply. The somewhat dry stools do not get the exact pressure for moving out from the body. This results in more drawing of water by the body. The stool becomes quite hard and enlarged in size.

While shitting out the stool the person needs to strain and manipulate the bowel movements for getting the stool out. This strain or the exertion of too much pressure can trigger lower back pain. Constipation should thus be corrected by drinking at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday.

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