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Hip and Lower Back Pain

Everyone suffers from back pain at some point in their lives. Back pain due to any kind of fatal accident, fall or injury to the spine cause a condition that requires medical attention. Back pain can happen in any area like the thoracic, cervical or the lumbar.


Lower back pain, hips

It’s a pain that is felt in the area of hips and the lumbar region of your body. Let’s first see the two most important causes of hip and lower back pain. The first one is sciatica. Due to accident or fall, the discs in any one of the spine may get disturbed from its original position and protrude on the sciatica nerve in the lumbar spine.


The pinching of the nerve causes severe pain in the hip and the lower back. The other cause is bowel irregularity leading to constipation. In constipation, the colon or the rectum gets enlarged due to the increased volume of stool in it. The increase of its size requires more space and it tries to make space by exerting pressure on other organs. This can result in pain of the hips and the lower area of your back.

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