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Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy brings many signs of discomfort to the body. Lower back pain in early pregnancy is one of such complications. During pregnancy, many changes take place in the body. The hormones of the body play a vital role in these changes. One such hormone that remains very active during pregnancy is progesterone. It's a very important hormone of the body that helps in metabolic activities of the body during pregnancy.

This progesterone is responsible for lower back pain in early pregnancy in almost half of the expectant mothers. Progesterone weakens the ligaments and loosens the discs of the vertebra joints in the spine. As a result, the pain is triggered in the lumbar region that takes the stress of many body movements.

Due to the above condition cramps or muscle spasms may also occur. The cramps or spasms too may be responsible for lower back pain. The pain may also happen due to urinary tract infections. Urinary tract infections are very common during pregnancy. So, it may cause the back pain as a side effect of the infection.


The best treatment for lower back pain in pregnancy would be exercising. The pregnancy exercises like mini crunches, walking, and pelvic rocking are very effective in reducing the back pain. Rest is another effective treatment for lower back pain. Though it is very common to feel sleepless, yet you need to spend a considerable time resting in your bed.

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