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Ruptured Lumbar Disc

Ruptured lumbar disc is the bulging out of any of the discs of the spinal joints out of the lumbar spine. The spine joints have discs inserted in them which act as shock absorbers. When ruptured, the soft, jelly-like glues that surround the discs are squeezed out through the smooth bindings of the vertebrae and the spinal joints. This bulging causes irritation to a nerve root, resulting in great pain. Sometimes, the injury is so severe that the elevated discs damage the nerves permanently. There are some reasons behind these cushions slipping out from the vertebrae. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons for ruptured lumbar disc:


Old age:

As we start aging, the cushions tend to become rigid and also lose their elasticity. In most cases it is found to occur after 50 years of age. But the developments may start as the person reaches 35 years of age in a few cases. The consequence is a slipped disc.

Bad postures:

While sitting or working, if we keep the body postures continuously in a wrong position, the discs are tensed and they suffer from extra pressure. This results in slipping of the discs.

Sudden lifting:

If you maintain a lifestyle without exercises, the flexibility and durability of the bones and muscles reduce. Therefore, if you lift heavy objects suddenly, instantaneous slipped disc may occur. While lifting the objects, the spine cannot control the pressure and this can cause rupturing of the discs in the spinal column.

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