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Avoid Back Pain When Gardening

Gardening is quite an enjoyable activity. It takes off the stress and helps you relax. However, this otherwise relaxing activity can be quite a task if you are suffering from back pain. Gardening involves constant moving, bending and lifting, which can strain your back. But, this does not mean that back pain sufferers need to give up on their garden totally. There are several simple things that you can do to minimize back strain as you go ahead with your gardening pleasures.

Digging is perhaps the most common and the most straining gardening activity. However, there are simple things that can help minimize the strain as you go about digging your garden. Firstly, you must ensure that your back is properly aligned. Try to keep your spine as long as possible. Also, make sure that the shovel is in alignment with the direction of your back. Ideally, the shovel blade should be parallel to your hip bones. Use your body weight to keep a balance between you and the shovel. Also, you must ensure that you are moving your entire body and not just your back when throwing the dirt out of the shovel.

Another gardening activity that you need to partake in every now and then is weeding. Since weeding is quite a time taking activity, it can take a toll on your back. Thus, it would be a great idea to sit down on an inverted bucket and do the weeding. This will help minimize the pressure being exerted on your hip, back and knees. As you sit on the bucket, keep your spine elongated. You may also sit down on your knees to do the weeding to minimize back strain.

How many times have you experienced your back hurt as you lift plants and bags of soil? But, you can avoid this provided you make use of a little common sense. First and foremost, do not lift anything if it is too heavy for you. Have someone help you out with the same. Also, make sure that you are bending right while you lift anything. You should bend in your hips and knees and not in your back. Your hips are more powerful and better equipped to lift and carry weight than your back.

You must be careful while mowing your lawn if you do not want your back pain to aggravate further. Use your body weight to act as leverage between you and the mower. Make sure that your wrist takes a neutral posture as you hold the mower. This will help you easily lean your weight upon the mower.

So, the next time you are out gardening, make sure that you stick to these basic tips and your back will enjoy the gardening experience as much as you do.
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