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Lower Back Pain Relief
As lower back pain is a problem of bones and muscle, relief is basically obtained through a prescribed movement and strategic exercises. Exercises depend on the kind of pain and the symptoms of the problem.

When the pain is mild, one can keep on doing regular activities like walking short distances. One should sit in erect posture, if you are doing work at the table. You can take a few minutes to stretch your body. It would very useful if swimming or using a stationary cycle can be added to daily routine.

Initially while doing exercises, the pain might get worse but that should not deter one from doing them. One should continue to do them gradually. Usually, within a week, the pain begins to die out. This can go a long way in preventing back pain.

However, there might be a sudden bout of pain, which can ruin your meeting or make you miss your classes. In that case, one should lie down on the back. Preferably, on the floor. Then one should push a pillow below one’s knee and rest. One can also put up his lower legs on the seat of chair. Thereby, bending his knees while lying down on the floor with a pillow at the joints.

Low back pain diminishes within a week and during that if it gets severe, then one can take non-prescribed pain killers such as aspirin or use a cold pack to the region of pain for few minutes.

If the pain persists disturbingly for two days or so, then one can apply a hot cloth pad on the affected area. Using pain balms, one can lightly massage on the affected portion.  However if the pain persists and gets severe, then one should immediately consult a physician.
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