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Lower Back Pain Remedies
There are many things can that trigger lower back pain. The most common causes are muscle spasm or strain, spraining of the ligaments in the joints, joint disorders or twists, slipped disk and similar. The injuries in this category are due to the activities that involve back muscles or vertebra column, like lifting heavy objects, sitting in a bending posture for long hours or doing some sort of yard work.

The slipped disk is also known as herniated disk. This disorder happens when any of the disks tapped in the bone joints of your spine slips out or bulges out exerting pressure on the nearby nerves. This situation may happen due to sudden twisting of the spine while lifting heavy objects. The lower back pain is quite embarrassing as you almost become a handicap, incapable of doing a lot of works.

If you are suffering from any such pain, you can either visit a orthopedic surgeon or opt for some natural remedies to reduce the pain. The natural or alternative lower back pain remedies include some exercises and precautions that you can try yourself at home. You can take some non-prescribed medicines from the counter to relieve the swelling and pain.

You can try any of the medicines referred by the pharmacist for instant relief from the pain as well as swelling. You can also try out some home remedies for curing you of your back pain. Medications like out aspirin, naproxen, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, ketoprofen etc are helpful but since these medicines are strong, don't take more than two tablets a day.

The first thing that you need to do, if suffering from back pain ,  is rest your back and relive it from pressure or stress. While sleeping or lying down, put pillow beneath your knees. This will help in relieving the pressure from the back. Try this for at least ten days. You can also use hot water bags for 15-20 minutes everyday in the evening. They help in relaxing the painful muscle spasms. Along with that, take care not to stress your back for at least ten days. After that you can try out some exercises that can help in keeping your muscles elastic and accustomed to twists and heavy work so that in future if you carry heavy objects it won't hurt your back.

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