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Pilates for Lower Back Pain

Pilates is a certain system of exercises named after its originator, Mr. Joseph Pilates. These are beneficial to health in many ways. They have been also modified to help patients suffering back pain. These exercises are a combination of movements and breathing methods and are done in a certain sequence, which are easy to perform and do not take much time and energy. For patients suffering from back pain, there are specified exercises.


You need to lie down on the floor and raise your knees softly to form a hill-like position with your legs. Then start breathing deeply, placing your hands behind your back and inflating your chest in a certain rhythm. As you do this process of breathing in and out, you have to try and control the breathing which will pass your ribcage and right to the belly button.


This exercise should be done without any interruption for about twenty minutes and in peaceful environment. A regular habit of this exercise can work wonders during recovery from an injury and can go a long way in preventing lower back pain from becoming chronic. This can be continued during any medical treatment and in fact will help a lot if one is undergoing physiotherapy. These develop your breathing capacity and also increase your level of stamina and endurance. The Pilates system of exercise works with the posture muscles of the body and the breathing regimen makes them stronger and helps to accommodate maximum stress on the back.


Moreover, Pilates is a way of increasing mental focus and connecting the mind with your body. Its practice connects your muscles and your nerves through the system of breathing.

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