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Sciatica Exercises Could Help
Sciatica pain is one of the most severe pain that one can experience. The pain originates in the lumbar back and buttocks. It becomes difficult, to even sit for the person. The pain then travels down to the thighs and then slowly to the other parts of the legs like cuffs and ankles. In severe cases, foot swelling does occur.

The sciatica pain occurs due to protrusion of the sciatica nerve in the lumbar spine. The sciatica nerve enters the lower region of the body of legs at the lumbar region of the back. If a herniated disc or bulging disc occurs, the disc coming out of the normal radius pinches the nerve. The stress on the nerve causes the sciatica pain. Though medications are given, they are only to reduce the pain and swelling. The true treatment comes in the form of sciatica exercises.

The sciatica exercises try to heal the ailment in a non-surgical way. The exercises make the movements of the body in such a manner that the slipped disc regains the original position and release the nerve exerted by it. These exercises are performed in the following way:

1. Stand straight and catch your waist with your hands. Slowly, stretch your back in the backward direction and try to see the ceiling. Hold in the position for 5 to 8 seconds and repeat it five times. Perform this exercise two times a day.

2. Lie on your stomach and relax you complete body. Bring your hands in a push-up position. Keeping the lower back low, slowly push your body upwards such that the body seems like a bow. This exercise decompresses the vertebra joints and releases the ruptured disc which in turn releases your sciatic nerve. Perform the exercise for five minutes, two times a day.
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