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Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can be triggered by a number of factors. It’s always not necessary to think that a herniated disc has caused lower back pain. If you are old enough, like 50 and over, then you can think of something like a bulging disc as the cause of your irritating back pain. A sudden twist or some other unnoticed injury of small impact can also be the cause of lower back pain. Pregnant women feel the lower back pain as one of the many non-permanent complications of pregnancy. Even gastroenteritis can also cause lower back discomfort. Lower back pain treatment is carried out with the confirmation of cause and the severity.


Exercise: It’s the best lower back treatment for any kind of back pain. The exercises are recommended for getting relief from the pain. It also tries to increase the tensile strength of the muscles, bones, or ligaments. This protects against spasms at little stretching or wear and tear. Once you get relief from lower back pain, you must not stop going to the gym or doing it in your home. It’s essential to carry on with the exercises to ensure good health and fitness.



These are the various alternative branches of body science to treat many kinds of ailments. Lower back pain is also effectively treated by this kind of treatment. They are different and the methods applicable are also different.



This is always the last option and mostly applicable for severe slipped disc conditions. It’s carried out by removing the slipped disc from the area where they are causing trouble to the nerve roots.

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