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Tips to Control Back Pain during Pregnancy
Back pains are very common in women who are pregnant. The reason for this is the fact that as the size of the fetus increases, the weight of it actually pushes the torso of the mother forward. Pain in the lower back occurs when the muscles in the lower back are not strong. This situation can be avoided as well as rectified by employing a few basic things.

Always Stand in a Straight Posture
As the fetus inside the mother grows the centre of gravity inside her body shifts forward. This results in extra tension on the lower back. Expecting mothers can avoid the situation by pulling their shoulders backwards, and by tucking their buttocks under their belly. This would help them to stand straight and tall.

Move Around Carefully
Movements like sitting and standing on anything should be done with proper care. If you are an expecting mother then you should not stand for too long. Instead, you should always sit on furniture that provides their back ample amount of support. Also, you should not stay in one position and should change it frequently.

Pick Up Heavy Objects Properly
If there is a need to pick up slightly heavy objects then do it with your legs while squatting down. Don't lift it with your back or bend at the waist to lift it up. Try to avoid sudden reaching movements or stretching your arms high over your head. And know your limits. Don't attempt to lift heavy objects or children.

If Have Back Pain, Try Application of Heat or Cold Back Rub
If you are suffering from back pain, you can treat it by applying heat. It is best to either use a heating pad or hot water bottle treatment. A pain relief balm or spray that produces heating effect can also be used to treat back aches.

Sleep sideways
In order to avoid the occurrence of back pains, it is advised that you sleep on your sides and not on your back. This would ensure that the back bone stays in the most comfortable position. The posture can be improved if you bend one or both the knees. Keeping a pillow in between the legs may also help.

If suffering from back pain, do some pelvic tilt exercises
When the pain in your lower back increases, you can do some exercises to eliminate it. Go down on your knees and your hands. Keep your head in line with your back. Now pull your stomach in and then arch your spine bone upwards. Remain in the position for as long as you are comfortable. Repeat it for at least 5 to 10 times. There are other stretching exercises that can be done. However, you need to know to consult a health care professional before taking them up.

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