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10 Tips to Prevent Back Pain Forever
Back pain can be very excruciating and can snowball into a major medical problem if not attended to timely. Take note of the following tips to avoid back pain.

Tip 1: Follow Your Body Signs
Any harm that comes to the body is indicated through occurrence of pain. Hence, treat back pains seriously and take adequate precautions to first suppress it and later to avoid it.

Tip 2: Do Some Exercise to keep the Muscles Agile

We need to do a lot of work in our day to day life; the type of work done is also different as well. Our back muscles would start to pain if they are not habitual of bearing the strain of heavy work. You can work out in order to improve their strength. Further, damage can be avoided by doing some warm up exercise before doing any heavy work.

Tip 3: Avoid Injuries during Work by Warming up
It happens on a number of occasions that we attempt to do tasks which our back won't be able to tolerate. What follows is back pain or injury. This can be avoided by warming up for a few minutes before you start doing the task.

Tip 4: Give your Body Enough Rest
Heavy work of any type should be followed by a period of relaxation. This would allow your body muscles to relax and recuperate. If you don't do it, your back muscles would be the first one to get hit.

Tip 5: Pick up Things Correctly
The most frequently performed activity involving the back is picking up things. And most people suffer from back pain while performing this. The reason is simple- improper method of lifting. You should lift things properly and keep the back straight while holding them.

Tip 6: Do not Laze Around
Your muscles need to be always ready for some type of work or the other, otherwise they will hurt. Moving around the house or workplace regularly can help you avoid any type of injury to the back.

Tip 7: Use the Right Furniture to Sit on
Incorrect posture while sitting is one of the major causes of back pain. This can be avoided be sitting on a comfortable chair. It should have a back high enough to support your lower back as well as shoulders. Anything higher or lower could result in damage to your back.

Tip 8: Sleep in a Correct Posture
Sleeping on your chest is an awkward position to sleep in. It can also cause back pain. The best position to sleep in is the sideways position. Sleeping on your back is also good but do maintain a comfortable level of your head.

Tip 9: Avoid Indiscriminate use of Pain-killers
Do swallow pills like food if you have a back ache. Use them judiciously. First address the root cause of the problem and only then go on to medications.

Tip 10: Refer to a Chiropractor
When the situation goes out of hand, know that it is time to consult a chiropractor.

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