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Cervical Cancer Symptoms
The number of cases of cervical cancer in women are increasing day by day. It was estimated that in the last two years the ailment has increased by 20-25% among the women in America.

The rise is really alarming.

The cervical cancer occur near the area of the vaginal and the uterus called cervix. The cells of the cervix due to some factors start growing abnormally that deteriorate and form the breeding grounds of cancer cells. The cancer of cervix is not limited to the area of cervix only. Its spreads to other areas also.

Usually the pre-cancer changes take place before the onset of the cervical cancer. The pre-cancer symptoms or the changing cells if come to notice can easily be controlled and the cancer growth can be stopped. Very frankly speaking there are no particular symptoms for cervical cancer or the pre-changes. The cells grow very silently and they suddenly become obsessive. The growth of abnormal cells in the cervical line of the uterus and the vagina are the only symptoms of it. But the abnormal changes of the cervix may cause some symptoms in some cases.

Lets have a look at some of the cervical cancer symptoms which are actually pre-cancer symptoms. If the abnormal cells grow in the cervix, the following symptoms take place-

1. Bleeding from vagina after intercourse or between the monthly periods.

2. Discharge from the vagina that smells really different from the bacterial smell.

3. Even vaginal bleeding after having menopause.

Besides that if you have urination bleeding, burning sensation then waste no time to visit the chamber of your doctor and get a thorough check up. The doctor will ask you to go through tests called coloposcopy. This test is carried out to detect the cervical development of cells. Once its confirmed, you would be put under medication and remember it is curable if detected at the early stage. So, act fast whenever you have these symptoms.

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