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Spinal Stenosis Symptoms
Narrowing of the body structure, like the spaces in the spine of our body is referred to as spinal stenosis .Usually, narrowness occurs in three areas of the spine. These are the canals at the central area of the column of the bones, the canals at the lowest part or the roots of the spinal cord, and lastly, the opening of the vertebrae .Thus, there is extra pressure loaded on to the spinal cord due to which there may be pain, numbness or cramping feeling.

Sometimes, the pain may also spread to the arms and shoulders. Regarding the causes of this pain, people usually have two types of beliefs. Firstly, the more popular one is that the pain occurs due to the old age of a person; wherein the bones and nerves undergo a degradation process.

The second belief is that this is a congenital disease, meaning one had acquired it at the time of his birth. Some other causes of spinal stenosis include, osteoarthritis (an arthritic condition), herniation of the discs, ligament changes, tumors in the spine and serious accidents.

Sometimes when you stand up for a long duration of time or walk continuously, you might feel a cramping feeling in your legs. Usually this condition disappears when you sit down or bend forward. This condition is referred to as false claudication or neurogenic intermittent claudication and as pseudo-claudication. This is one of the most important cervical stenosis symptoms. In some cases, due to herniation of the discs, there originates a pain which starts from your buttocks and descends down to the feet and legs. Interestingly, this pain is usually only on one side. Another spinal stenosis symptom is pain in the neck and shoulders. This pain differs according to individuals. In some it occurs occasionally, while in some it is very severe. Also, there can be severe bouts of headaches and you can faint sometimes.

One of the most serious spinal stenosis symptoms that require immediate medical attention is improper functioning of the bowel or bladder. If any of the above-mentioned symptoms are evident to you, immediately rush to a doctor before it gets too late.
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