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Treatment of Back Pain
Do Regular Exercise To Cure Back Pain
Do you know back pain can be cured with the help of regular exercise? However, you need to consult your doctor to know what and how much exercise can be beneficial for your back pain.
TENS Machine For Back Pain Relief
It is the machine again that has come to the rescue of the humanity. For taking care of the lower back pain TENS machine (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) is used with much benefit.
Gadgets for Back Pain Relief
Back pain is a disorder that brings miseries to your life. But there are some equipment with the help of which you can do way with your misery and suffering. Let’s take a look.
Sciatica: Alternative Remedies
The alternative remedies meant for sciatica are usually therapies like massages, hot heating beds, balanced nutritional supplements to takes care of your overall health.
Treat Back Pain Treatment Through Spinal Manipulation
Spinal Manipulation is primarily used to treat lower back pain. Health care professionals and chiropractors conduct spinal manipulation for treatment purposes when most other options fail.
Bromelain for Back Pain
Back pain is as common a disorder as it is cough and cold. Due to adverse lifestyles, more and more people are suffering through this. But the bounty of Mother Nature offers us a plenty of cures for each disorder.
Avoid Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy
Back pain is a very common among pregnant women and can be done away with care and caution. There are certain things that you need to be extra cautious about and a healthy and substantially painless pregnancy is all yours.
Treatment For Bulging Disc
Bulging disc refers to the condition where the discs in the backbone tend to protrude or bulge out of the vertebra in the body. The condition does not become serious unless the spinal canal is narrowed down to such an extent.
Is Aspirin The Right Solution For Back Pain?
Amidst various other OTC medications used for treating back pain, Aspirin is the most common. But is this medicine really a good enough solution to the problem?
When Neck or Back Pain Surgery is a Necessity
Neck or back pain surgery can be avoided if the pain subsides either by itself or with the help of pain relieving medication. However, there is no avoiding surgery if the pain subsists for too long (for a few months).
Back Stretches For Pain Relief
Sometimes simple stretching exercises can alleviate back pain. Here are a few simple stretching exercises that can help you fight back the pain naturally.
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