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Avoid Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an all together different experience in the life of a woman. Besides the happiness of nurturing a life within, a woman goes through several comforts and discomforts at the same time. Of all the discomforts that she has to face, lower back pain is the most painful and un-pleasurable experince.

As your pregnancy progresses, the abdomen expands in order to accommodate the growing fetus. With various hormonal actions taking place in the body, there occurs relaxation in muscles. This happens in order to accommodate the increasing weight of the body. Relaxation of the muscles makes the bony structure around the abdomen to extend backwards. This creates an extra pressure on the back of a pregnant woman. And it is due to this extra pressure that she suffers from back pain. This pain that she suffers from is more acute in the lower part of the back.

This is a very common phenomena occurring with pregnant women and can be done away with care and caution. There are certain things that you need to be extra cautious about and a healthy and substantially painless pregnancy is all yours.

The foremost thing that you can do to prevent the onset of lower back pain during pregnancy is to follow and maintain a good sitting, standing and walking posture. Always try to sit and stand in straight postures. While sitting, look in for chairs that offer an adequate support to your lower back. Also while sitting keep your feet a little elevated. And if you plan to sit for longer durations, try to change your sitting positions as often as possible. And after sitting long, get up and stretch frequently.Now the other important activity that you do is sleeping. Therefore sleeping in appropriate positions is also very important. And for pregnant woman it becomes all the more important. Always remember, you need not lie on your back. Always try to sleep on your sides. The sleeping position would be the best if you place a pillow between your knees and below the abdomen. Keeping a pillow provides support to your body and thus avoids back pain.
While walking, choose to wear low heels, which are comfortable. A further good advice would be to avoid heels as much as you can. Wearing high heels can give you strain on your back, as during pregnancy your center of gravity changes.

Besides, putting on extra weight can also give rise to back pain. Therefore avoid gaining extra weight by eating proper food. This is simply because, the more your body will weigh, the more pressure will be exerted on the back. And this is a major cause of back pain during pregnancy.

The best way to relive you of lower back pain during pregnancy is by going for a body massage session or for a chiropractic therapy. The reason being that during pregnancy, the several drugs that are available in the form of pain killers are not good for a pregnant woman and the fetus growing inside.

In some cases back pain is a resultant for the pre-mature labor pains. In such a case you should immediately consult your doctor and take medical aid.

Besides, practicing yoga and a few exercises under a professional trainer can give you good respite in your back pain. By now, you must have realized that back pain is not a big deal to handle. All you need to have is a little awareness and a healthy pregnancy time period is all yours.
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