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Cervical Position While Pregnancy

Many women try to feel whether they are pregnant or not by considering the position of the their cervices. Its a curious method but the cervical position of a woman tends to change while a woman is pregnant.

The position of the cervix from the very onset of ovulation change its nature and position. During the ovulation period, the cervix moves down towards the vagina more. After implantation it again moves to its initiation position. In its initial stage, it remains tough and rigid, but after the fertilization of the ova, the cervix slowly starts to grow loose and flexible. However, the position may or may not be sensitive for every woman and the positional shift also varies from case to case.

While the baby develops inside the uterus, the cervix also tends to get prepared for delivery of the baby from the womb. This opening and stretch of the cervix is also known as cervical dilation. While the baby develops inside the womb, the uterine contractions cause the cervix to open by six centimeters, and during the time of labor or delivery the pressure from the existing baby coming out and the uterine contraction together cause the cervix to dilate unto ten centimeters. This is called the complete dilation of cervix.

Now how do woman try to find out from there cervical positions about their state of pregnancy? Whatever may be the way, the procedure is not clinically proved method. The best thing to confirm pregnancy would be to undergo tests meant for detecting pregnancy by a doctor or by yourself. Since, the position of the cervix can never confirm the status of your pregnancy, and the position of it cannot be sensed properly, any movement inside the vagina may not indicate the movement of the cervix.

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