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Dealing With Back Pain During Pregnancy

Motherhood is considered to be one of the best times in a woman’s life. It does not start with the birth of the baby but starts the moment the lady comes to know about the existence of a new life in her womb. She immediately turns into a kinder and motherly spirit. Motherhood has its particular challenges. And much like the motherhood, these challenges too begin much before the child comes into the world. Back pain is one of them. It is the result of the changes that a female body undergoes to prepare itself to bear the child.

There are pains associated with a growing belly and widening frame. These changes exert pressure on the back as well, and that is the reason why as many as 90% of women complain of back pain during pregnancy.

The causes of this kind of back pain are very much understandable. The body of a pregnant woman makes space to accommodate the child, which means supporting extra weight. This, in turn, puts pressure on the back. And if the back muscles are not strong enough, back pain is quite obviously a natural consequence. Apart from the growing belly, breasts also grow in size so as to prepare to feed the newborn. This, too, means extra weight on the body. Naturally, the posture is affected, which adds to the trouble.  Back labor pain is another troublesome occurring during the pregnancy. It should be closely monitored by the doctor because many a time it may just be false labor, but may also be a real one. And it is only the doctor that can tell the difference. So, if you suffer from such problem during pregnancy, it is prudent to ask your obstetrician to take care of it.

Back pain is fought differently by different doctors. Most of them would suggest that you go for a ‘belly belt’ to support your back and abdomen, besides taking up a few light exercises to strengthen your back muscles. Medication is strictly prohibited during pregnancy because that may harm the child and may also give rise to other complications. Therefore, natural remedies like exercise and rest are your best bet. Do not underestimate their efficacy, they work better than medication for sure.

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