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Back Pain During Pregnancy: 6 Tips For Pregnant Women
Pregnancy brings back pain in many cases. So much so that it has been found to affect as many as 50 % of all pregnant women, which is quite a sizeable number. Here are a few tips that can help you have pregnancy free of back pain.

1) Since back pain during pregnancy is the result of changing shape of the body and increased body weight that the spine has to support, it is important that you keep the posture right and use a belt to support the belly. So, no slouching any more.

2) Sometimes urinary infection also causes back pain. So, if the back pain is acute and it is the early stage of pregnancy, you must visit a doctor so that if there is a urinary infection, it could be taken care of at the earliest.

3) One thing that you must avoid as far as you can and littler farther is medication. There is an additional responsibility of the well being of your child on you. Therefore, do not resort to medication unless absolutely necessary and never without consulting a doctor.

4) Exercising has been found to be a great natural remedy for back pain. You are not required to strain yourself. Just perform moderate exercises meant for pregnant women. Consult your doctor in this regard and he or she will be able to help you make a list of exercises that would suit you depending upon the stage of pregnancy. Do not, however, go on for a rigorous exercise regimen because that may do more harm than good.

5) Another thing, you are not supposed to stand for extended periods of time because due to the additional weight you are carrying, it puts extra pressure on your spine and may thus result in back pain. Therefore, avoid working in the kitchen for long hours. If you have to work, keep taking short breaks frequently.

6) High heels have to be shunned at all the costs because they play havoc with the posture and strains the back.

Take good care of yourself and back pain would not come anywhere near you during pregnancy. A child is a great responsibility and you are supposed to shoulder it months before he or she actually steps into the world.

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