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Pregnancy And Back Pain Go Hand In Hand

Pregnancy back pain is not a curse; it is a normal side effect of this stage. Almost every girl wants to go through the stage of pregnancy. Back pain is a common phenomenon seen in many women during pregnancy. From a survey report conducted by a magazine in US, approximately 80% woman fall in back pain during pregnancy, most of the cases have shown disturbance of their daily lifestyle. Since, it is a temporary back pain therefore doctor suggests gentle exercise to decrease it. So, now you must have understood that back pain is always associated with pregnancy therefore one should not be worried if one faces such situation. Here are some solutions for back pain during pregnancy.


First of all we will discus the causes of back pain during pregnancy. Some time this sort of pain can be due to bad lifting technique, bad posture of body, weak muscles or injury and stretching of your muscles because of your gaining weight and baby. Now one should be more careful while doing the recommended exercises for pregnancy back pain because whatever exercise you do will effect on your baby whom you are going to give birth. So, please don’t take it lightly and consult your doctor about the exercises and medication because this pain gets worse as the countdown begins.


Precautions and the exercise during pregnancy back pain.

1. Try to give a right posture to your body, so stop your body leaning forward, keep your butt under and stretch your shoulder downward.

2. Sit with great care, like choose chair so as to support your back and avoid standing on foot for long hours.

3. Use your side while go for sleeping, avoid sleeping on back.         

4. Stop bending you back and avoid stretching your neck or arms.

5.Stretch your abdomen, back and buttock because it helps to decrease back pain but be careful don’t do it fast do it in a slow manner.

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