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Pregnancy Guide: A Little Care For Back Pain During Pregnancy

Back pain is very common during pregnancy. So there is no need for you to panic. Around 80 % of women suffer from one of its several forms in these delicate months of her life. The pain can range from being mild to very acute and chronic. All you need to do is to take some extra precautions and rest to get the relief.Generally, a woman suffers from pain in her back in the fifth and the seventh month of her total pregnancy period. But there have been cases when pregnant women had back pain as early as in the eight to twelve weeks of her pregnancy. Apart from this, women who have had a history of pre-existing back pain will have a higher risk of it and will suffer more because of it.

But before you tackle your back pain problems, it is important for you to understand the types of back pain by which you can be afflicted. The common types of back pain in women at the time of pregnancy are:

Lumbar or the low back pain: This type of pain is located above the waist, in the center of the back portion of a pregnant woman. This pain is similar to the low back pain that a non-pregnant woman suffers. At times the pain can radiate to your legs. Lumbar pain occurs when there is a prolonged exposure to the postures of sitting, standing and bending down. With the spine becoming tender, the muscles surrounding the back area may also start showing sluggishness.

Posterior Pelvic pain: This is the most common type of pain found in pregnant women. This is a deep form of pain that is felt below and also to the side of the pregnant woman's waistline. The pain with time climbs down the tail bone or the sacrum. The pain occurs on both the sides equally.

The pain can then extend down to the buttock and then to the upper posterior portion of thighs. This pain can be perfectly associated with the pubic pain. Despite taking adequate rest, the pain does not resolve quickly. Stiffness can also be found in early mornings.

Back pain is a small part of the whole pregnancy process, but this does not mean that you need to suffer badly from it. Simply, consult a good physical therapist who will help you out from your pain. Follow a good exercising regime and help yourself towards a pleasant pregnancy.

A little care towards yourself can make your pregnancy period a beautiful one.

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