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Upper Back Pain And Pregnancy
Back pain during pregnancy is quite common and sometimes it may occur as upper back pain. The upper back pain in pregnancy is due to one or more of the following physical reasons:
1. Sometimes hormones secreted during this period cause the softening of ligaments.
2. Growing uterus can cause postural defects.
3. Sometimes, nerves get compressed due to the position of the baby and cause pain.
4. The size of breasts could increase manifold. This extra weight may create curve in the shoulder and brings discomfort and strain in the upper part of the back.

But upper back pain can be easily overcome with certain steps taken at the right time. First of all, you need to understand the changes that occur in the body during pregnancy. Good posture is a must to stop thoracic pain during pregnancy. Slouching is also not allowed. Rather, you can use some lumbar cushion to support your back. Always keep your shoulder straight and chin up. Try to center your head over your shoulders.

Exercise can do a lot to save you from upper back pain during pregnancy. If you are a gym regular, go by the instructor's guidelines. Upper back crunch should be done in a sitting posture. It aims at your lats, traps and erector muscles which help decrease the upper back pain caused due to an enlarged belly. One can try squeezing the shoulders by pushing the hands in a forward position. It helps relieve back pain. Walking is also a good exercise. At least 20 -30 minutes of walk can help you cut out mild pains. Taking rest is also a must during pregnancy to avoid upper back pain.

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