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Upper Back Pain In Pregnancy, Beware of certain medications!
Upper back pain during pregnancy is a very common symptom especially in the early weeks of pregnancy. It is caused by your weight change, growth of the fetus and the hormonal changes that you undergo during these months. As much as 47% of women during pregnancy have reported to have experienced it. However, this pain is generally supposed to subside within 20 weeks of the pregnancy and is reflected by stretch of the muscles as well as burning pain on either side of the quadrant. The pain is usually the result of supporting ligaments softening due to the increase of the hormone progesterone during the first few months of pregnancy. Besides, urinary infections can also cause upper back pain in pregnancy.

Remedies for upper back pain during pregnancy include exercising which is the safest way to relieve the pain while going for certain medications may do more harm than good for pregnant women. Pelvic rocking, mini crunches, bridging and walking are all part of the exercise routine prescribed to pregnant women. Women who manage these workouts relive themselves from any back pain during the pregnancy. Good posture and body mechanics also keep back ache during pregnancy away and standing straight and tall for the same reason during early pregnancy is also advisable. In late pregnancy, this might be more difficult to do with women having to pull back their shoulders to offset additional weight which may ultimately lead to back strain. This can be avoided by changing sitting positions frequently and also standing for long periods of time should be avoided.

There are some other measures to alleviate upper back pain in pregnant women that include:

* Ice packs: this can be used within 72 hours of getting the numb pain which is typical to pregnancy spinal instability. However, the ice should not be used for more than 20 minutes as it can cause the tissues to become inflamed.

* Herbal drugs: These drugs as opposed to normal prescription drugs for back pain are usually more acceptable as they are believed to have natural healing properties as well as a relaxing and anti inflammatory qualities. Vitamin, mineral and herb supplementation can also be used to nurture the body's natural healing and defense system.

* Food aid for healing process: Some foods can be used to change inflammatory levels. Acidic fruits in particular are specifically effective in blocking the body's inflammation process, though, mildly. Similarly red meat and shell fish should be avoided as they increase arachidonic acid which increases inflammatory levels.

Adequate sleep and relaxation is also a very essential to cope with upper back pain during pregnancy and is often underestimated. Yoga can be practiced as well to help you with this condition. If your pain persists though, you may consult a doctor and get some medication for pain relief. Physiotherapy may also be prescribed along with the use of good mattresses etc. Massages can relief you from upper back pain as well.

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