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Alternative To Back Pain Medication
Back pain treatment involve several alternative remedies that may even replace medication perfectly. These alternative to medicine for back pain treatment are of various types and have proved to be effective back pain remedy. For more information, read alternative to medication

But, before going for these alternative to medicine for back pain treatment, you must consult your doctor. It's better not to use these alternative ways on your own but with doctor's assent. Following are some alternative solutions to back pain:

Vitamin D- Food rich in vitamin D should be consumed in plenty. Small bones, cereal grains and fortified milk offer vitamin D.

If you expose yourself to sun light, preferably in the morning, you are likely to get vitamin D.

Capsaicin Cream- Capsaicin is an active component of chili peppers. It works as an analgesic and is applied to the affected area. It helps in relieving back pain and reducing the substance P, a neurochemical that transmits pain. It's analgesic effects are very quick. It's dosage must not exceed 0.1 % a day.

Music Therapy- It is helpful incase of sciatica related back pain. It shoots out depression caused by sciatica. It also helps in shifting brain's attention from pain.

Willow Bark- Bark of salix alba tree has been found to be effective in back pain remedy. The component called salicin, found in a willow bark, changes into salicylic acid inside the body and helps in easing pain and inflammation.

Bowen Rehabilitation- Specialists use a series of moves by their fingers and thumbs. It typically involves the specialist who pulls the skin loosed apart from the muscle by putting in pressure and immediately releasing the tension. It is very common back pain treatment in Europe.

Alexander Technique- This technique stresses the importance of choosing a healthy lifestyle. It was created by an Australian actor, Frederick Matthias Alexander.

These are few alternative to medicine for back pain remedy. Exercises for back pain are another alternative to mainstream back pain medication. Back pain exercises must involve doctor's suggestions. Treating back pain through Ayurvedic medicine is also one of the options to obtain low back pain relief. Middle back pain and low back pain treatment is possible through Yoga. So, just go for it!


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