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Back Stretches For Pain Relief

Pain relieving medications are the most common and obvious solution to back pain. However, you may not need these medicines always. Sometimes, simple stretching can alleviate the pain. Here are a few simple stretching exercises that can help you fight back the pain naturally.

Lie down on the floor with your face towards the floor. Make sure that your feet are extended properly. Now, draw your palms towards your shoulders. Lift your upper body with the support of your palms. Your back should be arched and your neck must face upwards. Keep your elbows straight so that you can stretch your back further.

Rotation stretch
Sit comfortably. Now rotate your back in one direction so that your shoulder is pointing in one direction. Hold this position for a few seconds. It is suggested that you use a stretch ball for this exercise.

Sideways bending
Here again, you need to sit down comfortably. Now, join both your hands and extend them above your head. Now, tilt your body to one side and extend your arms as much as possible. Hold the stretch for a few seconds before you return to the normal position. Alternate with both the sides.

Hamstring stretch
Sit down on the floor with one leg extended and the other leg folded inwards. Now, try to hold the toes of the extended leg. Hold this position for a few seconds. Repeat with the other leg.

Torso twists
Stand with feet shoulder width apart. Bend your knees slightly and draw the arms in front of the chest. Now, slightly squeeze your abs and twist the torso towards your right. Now, twist the torso to the left side. Repeat with either side with 15 reps on each side. While practicing this stretch, ensure that your movement is slow and controlled.

Standing cat stretch
Lower your body in the position of a squat. Rest your hand on your thighs and arch your back so that you are looking towards the floor. Squeeze your abs inwards while pushing your back towards the ceiling. Repeat at least 15 times.

Knees to chest
Lie down straight on the floor. Draw your knees towards your chest. Hold the knees with both the arms and pull it towards your chest. Make sure that your tailbone is straight. Hold the position for at least 15 to 30 seconds.

While you try these stretching exercises, make sure that you exercise ample care and caution. Listen to your body and do not over exert yourself as this could lead to increased back pain. However, if pain still persists despite trying these exercises, consulting a doctor could be a wise idea.
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