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Exercise for Back Pain
For ages, exercise was seen as the act of body-building. Exercises immediately reminded one of the Gym, a place where you exercised using some heavy equipment. These things now belong to a bygone era. Today exercises are more for medication and less for developing muscles. These days expert tips regarding health  accessed sitting cozily at home. The internet is now the hub of all such tips related to health. By a mere click of the mouse you can access all the necessary information within seconds.

We all know that exercise is the only method to heal back pain. Also, the advantage of exercises is that there are no side effects. For a moment let us have a look on the survey, conducted by BBC in 2002, of those people who did exercises to reduce their lower back pain. It was Dr Jennifer Klaber Moff, a senior lecturer, who led the study. The researchers examined 2000 people in the age group of 16-50, living in UK, and who were suffering from low back problem for a period ranging from three weeks to four months. After a year of their diagnosis, in between which they attended exercising classes, the participants found a new found feeling of relaxation and were able to cope with condition in a better way. Through their experiences, you must have understood that exercise can help you beat this problem.

Now I am going to tell you some exercises and guide lines to overcome low back pain.
* A little warm up including stretching and running.
* Pump your ankle by moving them up and down and repeat it 20 times.
* Lie down flat on floor with knee bent and press the blow the part of your ribs and out hale at the same time, repeat it 5 times.

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