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Some Cool Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Pain

Exercise helps in making your back muscles stronger and flexible. But, you should not engage in exercise if your pain increases while performing it, as it will worsen your pain leading to complications. Often after back surgery exercise is recommended for speedy recovery. Exercise helps the patient to return to normal work, home and other activities. It not only affects the strength and the flexibility, but also changes the attitude of patients towards pain and disability.

Some of the exercises for preventing or treating back pain are:
Lumbar extension strength exercises: These exercises are very effective as they strengthen the abdomen, improve lower strength, mobility and endurance. They offer flexibility in the hips and hamstring muscles present at the back of thighs.

Low impact aerobic exercises: Low impact aerobic exercises like swimming, walking and bicycling help in strengthening muscles of the abdomen and back without putting pressure on the back. Swimming exercises are very beneficial for the patients with back pain.

Flexibility exercises: These exercises help in making your muscles flexible although significant benefits of these are uncertain. But, still they are very beneficial if the exercise regimes is followed regularly.

Yoga, tai chi, chi kung: These practices have originated in Asia and combine meditation and low impact physical movements. Their main aim is to achieve a physical and mental balance. They are also useful in preventing recurrences of back pain. Based on yoga principles, an exercise called Pilates is very beneficial for back pain.

Exercises restraining deep muscles: Some of the contraction exercises are specially designed to restrain the muscles which prove to be effective for patients with back pain.

Some other exercises for strengthening the lower back are:

Partial sit-ups: They help in strengthening the muscles of abdomen.
Pelvic tilt: It helps in alleviating fatigued lower back muscles.

Right posture: Always maintain a natural arch in your lower back whether you are sitting or standing.

Lifting with your legs: Always lift the object while bending your legs and keeping your back straight.
Take care while sitting: Choose a proper seat which provides support to your back. Periodic breaks are also essential for good back.
Control your weight: Excess weight can lead to back problems as it will put stress on your lower back.

All these exercises and day to day body mechanics help in preventing and treating the back pain by strengthening the back and abdomen muscles.

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