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How Well Do Exercises For Low Back Pain Work?


Researches prove that slouching is the main cause of back pain. Slouching for long hours on your couch or in front of television or your personal computer can cause severe back pain in the form of low back pain. This is mainly due to wrong sitting postures.

Well, if you use PC for more than 10 hours, it is very much possible that you are inviting a trouble to your back. Understand this, low back pain is not a disease, it is a condition. This condition is mainly created by wrong posture of the body. When you work against the law of gravitation, you suffer certain consequences. The posture maladjustment can be treated with posture adjustment only.

Agreement with regard to treatment between two medical practitioners, or between two medical systems is very rare. They are generally the two contending forces, the two opposing forces. But as for the exercises for back pain, there is one of the rare agreements between all the parties concerned. That you must do proper physical exercises!

Bend backward from your waist as far as you can do that. Don't bend your knees under any circumstances. Do it slowly, to the extent you can and do not force yourself. Hold on in that position for about 5 to 10 seconds. Wait for a few seconds and repeat the exercise. Do it whenever you get time during the day, but not immediately after the meals. This is a good antidote for the pain from sitting at your desk.

There are many such exercises, yoga exercises in particular. Apart from relieving you of your pain, these exercises strengthen the muscles and offer additional support to the spine, and help to increase your capacity to resist the pain. Rest is not the solution of the back pain. But proper work and exercise is!

Yoga postures need to be done as per the advice and demonstration of an expert yoga teacher. You need to hold on in the final position of the exercise as per your capacity and never over exert yourself. Some of the important exercises recommended for the back pain are corpse posture, cat stretch, wind releasing pose, sage twist, palm tree, fish pose, locust and forward bending.

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