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Lower Back Pain Exercises


Low back injuries are caused by many things- muscle strain or spasm, sprains of ligaments (which attach one bone to another), joint problems or a "slipped disk." However, the most common cause of back and leg pain is lifting heavy furniture or doing hard work.

 Low back pain is a working man’s disease. It has nothing to do with old age as the popular concept states. Many other things can cause lower back pain too, like muscle strain and muscle spasm after a heavy workout. Sprain of muscle ligaments attached from bone to bone for doing manual jobs that
require heavy lifting can cause back pain and joint problems such as slipped disk from nasty falls or arthritis. Well, old age do contribute to back pain.

Do not worry about your lower back pain or your age. Back pain treatment that involves incorporating lower back pain exercises into your daily routine is the most beneficial natural treatment for relieving back pain. You can reverse your poor health condition and chronic lower back pain by following different exercises. In fact, treating back pain with back pain medication including exercises was never so easy. In this way, you can get instant low back pain relief.

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